Managing Custom Campaigns

Custom Campaigns is where you go to run a marketing campaign on demand in order to address an immediate opportunity - for example, because there's been a change in interest rates, loan limits or other market conditions.

MACH3 makes it easy for you to find (or create) campaign content (see Managing the Activities Library page) and to define your target audience. Production and fulfillment are handled quickly and securely at TTP Enterprises' in-house state-of-the-art facility, whether you choose conventional mail or email as your delivery method.

Learn How to place a Custom Mailing Order


Begin by selecting Custom Campaigns from the My Marketing menu. This will open the"Campaign history, which, allows you to check the status of your past orders.

Your orders are grouped by the following statuses:

  • Unconfirmed orders - a list of any campaigns that have been set up by entering options within the campaign setup wizard but have not yet been approved or reached checkout. From here a user can
    • Review the order - Click the order number to review the details of this order including the recipient list, format and pricing summary.
    • Confirm - will return the user to the custom campaign wizard to complete/edit the campaign details and confirm the order
    • Cancel - will delete the unconfirmed order from the campaign history list
    • Preview a sample mailing piece in PDF format
  • Confirmed orders - Orders that have been confirmed but are awaiting payment processing
  • Order payment received - Orders for which payment has been received that are awaiting print and fulfillment
  • Order currently in production - Orders currently being fulfilled
  • Orders completed and shipped - Completed campaigns

Clicking the (1) [+] next to these items will expand these groups to show individual orders and available details such as a proof of the activity used in this campaign. Clicking an  (2) order number will reveal further details of that particular order at the top of the page. This section will even include (3) recipient data, which you can select to generate a list of l recipients included in the campaign. This can be especially convenient for follow-up after a campaign has been executed. In the case of email campaigns this section will reveal campaign statistics to help you measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns (See the out email campaigns page for further details).

From here, clicking (4) setup campaign takes you into the campaign setup wizard, which provides an intuitive framework for preparing and running your campaign. You can find detailed instructions here and be sure to read the in-context "Help" boxes throughout the wizard.

Setting Up a Campaign

MACH3 provides extraordinary flexibility for managers, as you will see from the first page of the campaign setup wizard. There are, in fact, no fewer than three different types of Custom Campaigns available to you.

First, there's a (5) run a Company Campaign option. This is a Custom Campaign that's to be billed to your company. If you choose this option, you set up the campaign and run it yourself. At the end of the wizard you are simply asked to confirm your payment method.

Second, there's a (6) set up Loan Officer Campaign option. This option allows you to set up the campaign on behalf of your Loan Officers and is billable to them. So, when you reach the end of the wizard, instead of taking you to the checkout page, the system generates emails to alert all of the selected Loan Officers to the campaign's availability. This email instructs each Loan Officer how to access the campaign so that they can run it, modify it or ignore it according to their personal preferences (and budgets).

Third, there's a create an (7) Instant Campaign option. This allows you to set up a shrink-wrapped Custom Campaign, including your choice of activity and target audience. This time, when you reach the end of the wizard, the system posts your Instant Campaign to the MACH3 Home page of all your Loan Officers, from where they can run it as and when they choose.

For your convenience, you can also access and manage these different campaign types by clicking manage campaigns on the Instant Campaigns panel on your Home page.