My details is a collection of data that TTP Enterprises uses to create a profile of your unique user details. Information in this section can be used to personalize your marketing communications and will determine the details of your account.

Note: all functions outlined below may not be available (visible) to all users. Tabs and features available for review are based on the permission level of current user.


Step 1) Login to your MACH3 account.

Step 2) Select  (1) My Details Tab.


Select (2) Basics to edit your personal information

This page gives personal details used in the marketing communications to you database for both Automated programs and custom marketing campaigns

(4) Name: Your name

(5) Job title in English and Spanish: Your Job title in both English and Spanish

(6) Contact #1 and Contact #2: Your primary and secondary preferred way of being contacted.

(7) Language (default): Your default language as either 'English' or 'Spanish' will result in all client communications being sent in that language. (There are features in "data management" that allow individual loans to have the language changed.)

Other personal contact information can be merged into you marketing materials and will also be used by TTP Enterprises to create your account details and manage communications to you:

(8) First/Last name: Your first and last name.

(9) Email: Your email address.

(10) Phone: Your phone number.

(11) Cell phone: Your cell phone number

(12) Birthday: Your birthday (e.g. month and year).

(13) Company LO ID: Your company's Loan Officer ID.

Setting Up a Team Member

If you have other team members then click the 'I have a team member' check box. When the 'I have a team member' box is checked then additional data entry fields will pop up for the other team members' information.

Details used for your team members marketing communications:


(14) First / Last Name: Team member's first and last name.

(15) Email: Team member's email address.

(16) Phone: Team member's phone number.

(17) Cell Phone: Team member's cell phone.

(18) Birthday: Team member's birthday (e.g. month and year).


  • Click the Edit details button found at the bottom of the page.
  • Edit or add information in the text box adjacent to the field name.
  • All fields outlined in red are mandatory fields and require a valid value.
  • Click the (19) Cancel button if you make a mistake or decide that you want to discard any changes you have made prior to clicking the  Save changes button.
  • When you are done making changes click the (20) Save changes button to save your changes to your database




Select (3) Graphics to edit your graphics.

This area gives you availability to review and/or upload photos and signatures to be used in correspondence.

(21) View Full Size: To review photograph or signature in full size.

Uploading a New Graphic

To replace a graphic file (photo or signature) or to upload a new graphic:

Click the (22) Choose File button next to the corresponding area for photo or signature and find the graphic file to be used as a new or replacement photo or signature.

Once selected click the (23) Submit button.

Your Graphics will be reviewed by our creative department and may be adjusted to optimize them for print. In some cases new graphics may take up to 48 hours to be represented throughout the system.

Print output from MACH3 is optimized to use the following sizes:

Note: If you have an image that needs to be cropped or resized you can use one of these easy online image editors - visit -or - Follow the on-screen instructions and save the final image to your computer, then upload the image toMACH3 when complete.

Personal Photos:
Size: 0.875 in x 0.875 in

Resolution: 300 DPI

Accepted file types: JPEG

Size: 2 in x .5 in

Resolution: 300 DPI

Accepted digital file types: JPEG


This area gives you the ability to save your preferred payment methods and information on file.

Billing Features

(24) Payment Type: Payment method for billing.

(25) Send Receipts/Invoices To: Where to send invoices and billing information

(26) Billing Details: Credit card billing details including card number and expiration date

Editing Payment Information

Click Edit details button. Drop down lists and detail fields become live to accept billing changes. When changes are complete click Save changes button to save changes back to the database.

Data Set-up

This area defines the contact responsible for transferring data to your online database and also the contact for verifying the accuracy of data that is imported.

(27) First/Last name: Name of loan data contact   

(28) Job title: Job title of loan data contact

(29) Email: email address for notification

(30) Phone: Phone number of loan data contact

(31) LOS system: Select from the drop down list of the available options.

(32) Name: Name of Contact responsible for loan data verification

(33) Email: email address to send notification of data imported into your database that is awaiting review and action.

To add or change data set up details

Click Edit details button.  Drop down lists and detail fields become live to accept data setup changes.  When changes are complete click Save changes button to save changes back to the database.

All fields outlined in red are mandatory fields and require a valid value.

Note: If no edit button appears on this page or if drop down list is inactive it is possible that this information is unable to be edited by the current user.

When changes are complete click the Save changes button to save changes back to your database.

Cross-Selling Products

Below is a list of instructions for editing cross-selling products for availability for inclusion in your marketing materials:

  • Editing Details: To revise the cross selling products, begin by clicking the Edit details button at the bottom of the page.
  • Removing or Changing: Text in both languages must be available. Highlight the cross-selling product you'd like to remove or change and press the Delete key or type in your alternative text.
  • Sorting: Cut and Paste items from one textbox to another to rearrange the order of your cross-selling products as they will appear on your marketing communications.
  • Mandatory Fields: Each program must have at least one cross-selling product in English and at least one in Spanish. If there is nothing selected, then nothing will be available to print. This is also true if a client normally sends text in one language and then decides to send a text in a different language. All fields outlined in red are mandatory fields and require a valid value.