Linking Partners to loans achieves two essential purposes: First, it enriches the user's database by providing information about borrower-partner relationships and the lifetime value of each Partner. Second, following system-specified rules, it causes certain Partners to be included in Automated Program output.

Linking Partners before loan activation

The ideal time to link a Partner to a loan is immediately after the loan has been entered into your database and becomes available for marketing purposes. For this reason it's important that you make a regular habit of going to

 (1) My Database > (2) Data activation >

(3) Borrowers to view your inactivate loans.
Clicking (4) Loan # of a loan, or (5) view if no loan number has been provided, takes you to the loan details page, where you can view

(6) Linked Partners which contents the following details:

(7) Role

The roles available in the drop-down list reflect the current structure of the database. Specifically, this provides for Selling Agent, Listing Agent and Builder. Automated Program output will include the selling agent or, if there is no selling agent linked to the loan, the builder will be included. For the time being, any other Partner type should be assigned the role "Other".

(8) Rank

Ranking each Partner within their role adds value to the user's database over and above the simple knowledge that the Partner was involved in the transaction. The rank also determines which selling agent or builder, when there's more than one, will be included in Automated Program output.

 (9) Partner Type

Use the first drop-down list to select Company or Individual. Then use the second drop-down list to select the actual Partner type per the values you have created in your database.

(10) Partner

From the final drop-down list select the name of the Partner from those you have entered into your database against the above-selected Partner type.

If you wish to add a new partner person, you may use the section below to do so. When you are done inputting your new partner's information, be sure to click the (11) Add Partner Button.

Remember to click (12) Save changes before exiting the page.

Note: If you would like a photo of your linked Realtor partner to appear on communications you can upload one by accessing the

My Database > Partners > Realtors page of MACH3. View complete instructions


Linking Partners after loan activation

To link a Partner to a loan at any time after the loan has been activated, go to (13) My Database > (14) Data management > (15) Borrowers and (16) search for the loan. Click on the (17) borrower name to access the loan details page and follow the directions above.