Managing Your Borrower Data (closed loans)

Borrowers are created by importing loan data. Duplicate borrowers, both "duplicates" (repeat borrowers) and "true duplicates" (the same loan imported two or more times) are detected at import and activation.

All borrower details can be reviewed and updated, property and mailing addresses will be CASS certified against the USPS database and borrower forwarding addresses can be tracked to keep contact details up-to-date.

Borrowers can be sorted and searched by a variety of means, they can be flagged as "do not mail" and "do not email" (to prevent accidental mailing to a recently relocated or deceased borrower), they can be searched by the absence or presence of an email address and of course, be selected using loan data segmentation criteria.

Managing Your Borrower Data

Step 1) Login to your MACH3 account.

Step 2) Select (1) My Database

Step 3) Select (2) Data Management

Step 4) Select the (3) Borrowers tab.


A user can search their database by entering one the following search terms:

(4) Borrower name

(5) Loan number

(6) Loan ID a unique reference assigned to the loan by The Turning Point

To facilitate users to achieve the most common tasks to their database, several predefined filters are provided to allow easy access to loans that meet the following conditions:

  •  (7) Show loans/borrowers:
    • flagged "Do not mail" 

    • not flagged "Do not mail"  

    • flagged "Do not email" 

    • not flagged "Do not email" 

  • (8) Show loans with:

    • no Source of Business 1

    • no Source of Business 2

    • no linked Partner
  • (9) Show borrowers with:

    • no home phone number

    • no work phone number

    • no email address

    • no birthday

The results of the search and filter set will appear at the bottom of the page.

Viewing your complete database of closed loans

Clicking on the (10) Go button will open your entire database in list form at the bottom of the page.


The (11) drop-down menu at the top of this list will resort the list of results according to your selection.

Further support for displaying the results are accessible via the controls on the bottom of the list allowing changes to the number of entries per page and for navigating through the list by the way of the (12) navigation buttons.

Clicking the (13) Primary Name will bring you to the loan details page of that particular loan and the associated borrower.

Note: You may also wish to view our loan details page.