You can access your Contact Management by selecting the My CRM tab in MACH3.


Once logged into the system, a user can search for a company or LO by name or client id.

Note: The instructions below are from a Corporate point-of-view. It is important to not that LOs will not see the "Branch Office Selection" section.

(1) Show all - Display all available branches and clears the search term field.

(2) Auto-Refresh checkboxes - turn on/off auto-postbacks. By default, selecting a branch will cause the LO list for that branch to be created and displayed.

(3) Update - Only appears when the "Auto-Reresh checkbox" is not checked. If the user knows up-front that he wants to select multiple branches and/or LOs, they can uncheck "Auto-Refresh checkbox", check as many branches/LOs as needed, then click [ update ]to perform the queries and display the results.

The (4) Map link uses Google Maps, allowing the user to zoom, in many cases, down to a photo of the actual building. Also, the user can add geo-spatial data to the map to gain a better picture of the area.

LOs attached to the selected branches are displayed. The selection of LOs here dictates all other operations of the Contact Management system. All queries are based upon the data stored against only the selected LOs.

Having selected LOs, the system has a data scope and is now able to offer (5) Search, (6) Calendar, and (7) Preferences tabs.

The corporate user is free to change their selection of branches and LOs at any time.