Managing Automated Programs

Automated Programs are pre-determined, hands-free sequences of strategically timed marketing communications. They typically run for up to three years (or more) and can be extended at any time. TTP Enterprises' experience over many years has demonstrated that a well-configured Automated Program lays the firmest possible foundation for long-term success - not only by generating a steady flow of referrals, repeat sales and cross-sales, but also by ensuring maximum response to your on-demand Custom Campaigns from an already loyal audience.

The marketing engine of MACH3 "Automated Programs" drives Customer Relationship Management by using the stored data not only for direct marketing purposes but to manage the complete relationship with this particular customer and to further develop the range of products and services offered.

The Automated Programs tab will give you access and tools to manage your hands-free programs of strategically-timed communications. For Borrowers this includes your client retention programs for retaining current clients and client retention programs for reviving past clients.

Learn how to view your Automated Activities

Use the  (1) drop down list to review the details of your designated program(s) displayed in the table directly below this dropdown. This table lists all elements scheduled to mail for this program. Beside each element is a (2) [more info] link which will open a new window showing the details for that particular element.

The bottom of the page provides filtering options for displaying specific borrowers that have been subscribed to this program:

By default,  (3) Show me all loans/borrowers included in this program will be selected and will display all loans associated with this particular program. This list can be further segmented using the radio button set below the program details to display. 

(4) Loans/borrowers whose programs are Temporarily suspended will display loans that have been temporarily suspended for instance while you are verifying the accuracy of an address. Using this data set will present you with the option to reverse suspension of communications by checking the box next to the borrower and click restart. 

(5) Loans/Borrower whose programs are Expired or Will soon expire - displaying loans that the automated program has/will soon near completion. Using this data set will present you with the option of extending automated communications for this borrower/group to ensure continued relationship building.

Clicking the loan number or view link will bring you to the loan details page of that particular loan and the associated borrower. See loan details.

Note: Automated Programs are currently only available for borrowers. But in due course, since MACH3 is a constantly evolving system, you can be sure that the same functionality will also be available for prospects, applicants and referral partners.

If your company has specified an Automated Program for new loan closings, you might want to consider enhancing the effectiveness of this program by adding optional features from the wide range we have available. In addition, you might want to create additional programs for special groups of clients - for example, to revive relationships with your database of past clients. At the moment MACH3 provides only a limited number of tools in this regard - so, for additional support, please call your account manager at 1-888-887-7880.