Since your data has probably been transferred from an LOS or other system that is not designed for marketing purposes, it's likely to need some amendment and enhancement. The intelligence built into MACH3 does much of this work for you - but, you will need to have the last word before your loans are activated and become available for your use in the "My Marketing" tab of MACH3.

Note: Even if you prefer to by-pass this step, loan activation will happen automatically if you chose this option at the time you registered for MACH3.

Activating Your Data

Step 1) Login to your MACH3 account.

Step 2) Select (1) My Database

Step 3) Select (2) Data activation, and then ensure that the (3) Borrowers tab is selected.

The first thing you will see on the "data activation" page of MACH3 are three radio buttons buttons allowing you to view loans that are awaiting activation in each one of three categories:

(4) An automated program to retain your current clients

(5) An automated program to revive your past clients

(6) No automated program (database only)

Note: When your loans are imported into the MACH3 system they must be tagged for inclusion in one of these categories.

Selecting a radio button will cause a list of loans in the category you chose to be displayed.

Reviewing Your Data

Before you activate a loan you may prefer to review the data, especially if the special icon under "Source of Business" and/or "Linked Partner" is warning you that the data in these particularly important fields is incomplete (represented by the  icon). By providing this data you will add enormous power to your results analytics and you will build stronger relationships with your referral sources.

Clicking the (7) view button or loan number in the row of a specific loan opens up a new page displaying full details of the loan, which you are now free to amend and enhance as you wish. Remember to click the (8) edit details button at the bottom of the page before you begin.

Here are a few fields you may want to pay particular attention to:

(9) Birthday

(10) Borrower/Co-borrower phone numbers and email address

(11) Language - this will set the default language of all items created for this loan (English or Spanish)

(12) Salutation fields - this is how your clients will be addressed in your marketing communications.

(13) Mailing address - you can verify the address by Clicking the "verify this address against the USPS database" button

(14) Source of Business

(15) Linked Partner

When you have finished making your changes, simply click the save changes button at the bottom of the page - then click the back to loan activation button, also at the bottom of the page, in order to return to the main activation page.


Step 1) Select the loan(s) you want to work with by checking the (16) checkbox(s)next to the respective loan(s). Marking the (17) checkbox in the header will check/uncheck all the loans visibly displayed in the table.

Step 2) Perform one of the following actions on the selected loan(s) by clicking the  go button next to the respective option:

(18) Activate the loan on the designated program

(19) Change the designated program to any other program for which you may be registered via the dropdown menu.

(20) Move the selected loans from an Automated Loyalty Programto retain your current clients to an Automated Loyalty Program to revive your past clients (or vice versa).

Add the selected loans to your database only - this will not include the selected loans in any Automated Loyalty Program.

(21) Add to database only.

(22) Place a hold the selected loan(s) if you need extra time to check or obtain any of the details. This operation will override automatic activation (you may also perform the reverse action - Cancel a hold - if the selected loan(s) is/are on hold.

(23) Remove the selected loan(s) from your database, if, for example, they belong to another loan originator at your office.

Step 3) Once you have made the appropriate selection, clicking the (24) go button will present the results for those selections, including any items that require your attention before the data can be imported into your database.

Note: The MACH3 system has the intelligence to determine whether a loan you want to activate may be for a client with another loan or loans already in your database. In this case, when you click the go button to activate the loan, a new page opens up: "Possible repeat client - step 1 of 2".

Repeat Client - deduplication

Step 1) The Possible Repeat Client Page displays a list of loans the system believes may be for the same borrower, with essential details about the loans. You can remove a loan from the list by clicking the (25) remove- this is not the same borrower button.

Step 2) Before you leave this page you are presented with a (26) pre-checked box that will update the mailing details of all loans confirmed as being for the same borrower with the details of the most recently closed loan (highlighted in green in the list of loans). This makes it easy for you to maintain your database's accuracy and completeness. Be sure to uncheck this box if you do not want all loans updated in this way.

Step 3) Click the (27) Proceed to step 2 button. This will cause a new page to open up: "Possible repeat client - step 2 of 2". It's here that you decide what action to take on each of the loans for this particular repeat client.

Step 4) Use the (28) dropdown menu to select the program for which you want to activate the loan.

Step 5) If additional loans for the same borrower are awaiting activation you will likely want to select "Database only" for the remainder.

Step 6) Click the (29) Finish button at the bottom of the page when you have completed all of the necessary information.