MACH3 provides the user with tools to view and manage his database of Partner companies and Partner people.

Managing Your Partner Data

Step 1) Login to your MACH3 account.

Step 2) Select (1) My Database

Step 3) Select (2) Data Management

Step 4) Select the (3) Partner tab.


Viewing Your Partner database

Viewing all Partners

Clicking the (4) go button will display a list of all Partners, both companies and people.

Viewing Partner people only

Selecting "Individuals only" and clicking the (5) search button will generate a list of all Partner people.

Viewing Partners by type

To generate a list of a specific type of Partner, first select

(6) Companies only or (7) Individuals only. Then select the Partner type you need from the  

(8) drop-down list and click the (5)  search button.

Searching for a particular Partner

To retrieve a particular Partner record, enter a complete or partial Partner name and click the (5) search button.

Deleting a Partner

Clicking (9) delete against a Partner record removes the Partner from the user's database.

Managing Partner data

Clicking on a (10) Partner name - company or person - opens the respective details page, where you are able to change and/or add data as necessary.