Select from a wide variety of ready-to-go marketing pieces, including personalized print and email activities.

Creating a Marketing Activity (Emails)

Step 1) Login to your MACH3 account.

Step 2) Select (1) My Marketing, then select (2) Activities Library.

Step 3) Select the tab where you would like the new email to be stored. (i.e. Select the (3) Personal tab if you are creating an email that will be used by you alone, or as a branch manager select the (4) Company tab to have the new email available to all users in your branch) Select the

 (5) Marketing-Toolbox tab if you want to choose from our existing library of marketing activities.

Note: Based on permissions set up at your company you may be limited to the creation of activities. It is possible that no Create Activity link appears for some users, if this is the case contact your regional office for information on how to proceed with creating new materials.


Creating a New Email

Step 1) Click on the (3) Personal tab to create a new email (at corporate level, you will select the (4) Company tab).

Step 2) Click (6) Create Activity.

Step 3) You will be presented with fields collected to help identify and categorize your email.

Step 4) (7) Name, (8) Code, and (9) Description - Providing a name is mandatory, a code and description will allow for ease in identification, searching and tracking. You can use your own coding system to keep track of your activities created, or simply use a date code for your reference.

Step 5) (10)  Audience - Select the audience for this email. You must select one, but can select up to all four audiences.

Step 6) (11) Addressed - Select whether the Primary, Secondary contact or both will be addressed in this mailing.

Step 7) (12) Category - Use the drop down list to add the new email to an existing category or type in the text box a description for a new category of your choosing.

Step 7) When complete, click (13) Choose your format to continue.


Choosing Your Format

Step 1) Select the (14) radio button next to the format "Email (HTML/plain text)". The format is determined by the physical attributes of the selected piece. Basic information such as size, price and volume discount is provided for each format.

Step 2) When you have made your selection, click (15) Select your layout to continue.







Selecting Your Layout

Step 1) The available layouts for your chosen format are presented with a brief description below the (16)Title Description.

Step 2) To scroll through the pages of layouts available, use the (17) navigation buttons.

Step 3) Click (18) select layout to the right of the layout you wish to use.

Note1: Some formats have only one (1) layout option, and therefore may skip this screen of the wizard.If you do not find a layout that suits your project visit our print services page for information on how to submit a brief for creative services.

Note2: As a branch manager, if you do not wish to use any of the layouts listed here, you may create your own by clicking on (19) create layout (advanced users only).

Writing Your Email Message

We highly suggest using a HTML editing program, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, and simply Copying and Pasting your HTML code into the HTML tab in our Text Editor. This will allow for easiest use, and ensure that all of your settings are displayed correctly.

Note: Our current email system does not support CSS.

Step 1) You may use an existing message from your library by selecting (20) choose this message.

Step 2) If you choose to write a new message, click the link (21) write new message.

Note1: When creating a new message a text editor will appear on screen allowing you to type your message in the space provided.

Note2: Email formats will require additional text beyond the message, called (22) Subject. This will be the Subject of the email, as it appears in your contact's inbox.

Step 3) When creating a new message a text/HTML editor will appear on screen allowing you to type your new message in the space provided.

Note: To add an alternative message in Spanish, enter text after clicking the top tab marked Message to Spanish speaker.

Adding Merge Field Data

To add merge fields use the drop down list of merge fields from your personal database.

Step 1) Select an option from the (23) drop down list and click (24) add this merge field. The merge will be placed at the location of your text cursor. If no data for the chosen field is available you will be alerted so that you can adjust your message/database.

Adding an Image to an Email

If you are going to use an image, we suggest using an image with a width between 590 and 600 pixels.  Anything less will not fit properly, anything more will take longer to load.

We suggest adding your image(s) after you have input all of your desired text.

Step 1) Select the (26) HTML Tab.

Step 2) Type <img alt="" src=" [image URL]" width="593"><br>into the text/HTML editor where you wish your image to appear.  This will display an image that will span the width of the email.

Step 3) If you have a small image that you wish to not have span the width of the email, omit the width="593", and if you wish to have your text run on the same line of the smaller image, omit the <br>. (Therefore, if you have omitted both the width="593" and <br>, you will now have <img alt="" src=" [image URL]">)

Replace [image URL] with the full URL (aka web address) of the image.

Note: Please do not change any of the other text in this code. It has been designed for your convenience.

Step 4) You can then switch to the (25) Design Tab , to see how your image will appear in the email.

Adding a Hyperlink

Step 1) Highlight the text you would like to Hyperlink.

Step 2) Click on the (27) Hyperlink Button ().

Step 3) Enter the (28) URL , (29) Title, and (30) Target for the link.

Note: For Targets, the most common is "None", as this will make the link open however the clicker is used to having them open.  However, you can choose an option such as "New Window", which will force the link to open a new browser window.

Step 4) Click (31) OK , and your Hyperlink will be added. Your link should change the text to look like this.

Step 5) If you wish to remove a Hyperlink that you have already added, simply highlight the Hyperlink, and click the (32) Remove Link Button ().

Saving Your Email Message

Step 1) Click (33) save/choose.

Reviewing Your Email

The final step of the email creation wizard presents all the information about your marketing piece for your final review.

Step 1) If you would like to change any of the selections that you have made in creating your email, click (34) edit to bring you back to the appropriate step in the wizard to make your changes.

Step 2) When you are satisfied with your selection click (35) add to personal library (or add to company library).


Your Email is now available in your library

Step 1) You will be redirected to the corresponding tab of your activity library with your new email presented in the top of the panel of the email section.

Step 2) To preview your email, click (36) send sample which will send you a sample as an email via the email you have given to MACH3. Review your sample carefully,

Step 3) If you would like to make changes to your email at any point you may click (37) review/edit which will take you through the steps of the wizard where you can make your changes.

Step 4) You may notice that the email may be marked (38) unauthorized and the (39) run campaign button disabled. You will need to select (40) request authorization , which will notify Corporate that your email is ready for authorization (at the Corporate level you will only need to select authorize, there is no requesting of authorization). Once the authorization process is complete, your email will be marked authorized and the run campaign button will become enabled for you to use in a campaign

Adding a Video Thumbnail

The instructions beolow are for adding a video thumbnail to an email from YouTube.

Step 1) Open a text editing program, such as Word or Notepad (for this tutorial we are using Notepad).

Step 2) On the YouTube page of the video you would like to create a thumbnail of, click the (41) share button, and select (42) email.

Step 3) In the (43) 'To' Section, type your own email, and click (44) Send Email.

Step 4) In your text editor copy-and-paste the text below:

<img width="#" src="[image URL]" />

Note: Be sure to keep the quotes around the [image URL].

Step 5) Open the email in your email client. Right-click the (45) thumbnail of the video, and click (46) "Copy Image URL" or "Copy Image Location".

Step 6) In your text editor, replace the "#" with the desired width in pixels (ex. " width="150" "), the [image URL] with the copied image URL/Location from the YouTube email.

Step 7) Back on YouTube page, click the (47) Share this video button, and copy the (48) URL that appears below.

Step 8) In the text editor, before the <img.../> type "<a href=" and past the URL from YouTube, type a greater-than symbol (>), and put quotation marks (") at each end of URL you just pasted.

Step 9) After the <img.../> type </a>.

Step 10) You now have all the code for your video thumbnail. It should look something similar to the (49) image to the right. Now just copy-and-paste this code into the HTML for your email in the appropriate place.