The Activities library displays a collection of marketing materials ready for use in custom campaigns. You will notice this content is divided into 3 categories accessed by tabs across the top of the panel.


The Marketing-Toolbox library displays all marketing campaign content prepared by TTP Enterprises. This library contains both materials to keep you in regular contact with your database of contacts as well as materials designed for maximizing opportunities for additional business. You'll find a variety of content by format such as postcard mailings, letters, greeting cards, newsletters, and even email. You'll also find content for differing audience types such as prospects, partners or your borrowers.

Company Library

The Company library is a collection of materials created by branch and/ or corporate users available for use by all in your company. You will use this tab to view and if permitted to create activities for your company.

Personal Library

Any activities that an individual Loan Officer creates for him/herself are displayed and created under the "Personal" tab of the activities library.

Managing Categories

Managers have access to special tools to help you manage content and access to activities in your company library. From the category manager you can select activities to include in a category and also choose which offices have access to the activities in that category. You can create as many categories as you need and quickly and easily manage content designed for use by a subset of branches. The activities included in the category will be visible to the branches marked "Access granted" and not visible to branches marked "Access denied". MACH3 provides powerful tools to customize your marketing library to suit your business rules.

Authorization controls

A built-in authorization loop ensures your company branding and compliance is addressed in each and every campaign that is sent through MACH3. Each time a Loan Office/Manager creates a marketing activity, notification is sent to the branch/corporate contact to review and approve the activity before being "authorized" for use in a campaign. If edits are required, the changes can be made immediately by the [authorization contact] right from within MACH3 and then release the activity for use with a single click of the authorize button.

Creating Activities

The activity creation wizard guides you through the steps to turn your marketing ideas into actionable marketing campaigns. In just a few clicks you design your activity and enter your marketing message and MACH3 provides the power of database driven customization that takes your marketing to a new level. The technology built into MACH3 allows for pinpoint personalization proven to increase campaign effectiveness.

Plus activities created for on-demand marketing offer the same powerful features of TTP Enterprises' distinctive Automated Loyalty Programs: co-marketing with referral sources, Spanish message options, Company and Loan Officer branding,

Utilizing the tools available in MACH3 - you can go from concept to campaign-ready in seconds. What's even more impressive, is that the materials are immediately distributed to all chosen users in your company for use in campaigns at any time. That's right, MACH3 provides the tools you need to build, maintain and distribute marketing resources to one user or all.

Additional detailed instructions can be found at our Creating Activities Support Page.

Each activity that is created in MACH3 offers options for actions against it. The most common are:

(1) run campaign - Is used to set up and run a marketing campaign using the selected activity. 
(2) enlarge - Provides a preview of the activity. 
(3) review/edit - Brings you step by step through the creation wizard and allows you to edit any aspect of the chosen activity. 

(4) copy/move - Allows the user to copy or move the activity to another library. i.e. copy and edit an alternate version or move an activity from a branch manager's library into the corporate library for use by all users. 
(5) authorized/unauthorized - Provides status of activity in the authorization process, also allows authorization contact to change status. 
(6) delete - Removes the activity from the library.

Note: Available options may vary by activity or by individual user access rights. In certain circumstances options may be disabled and will appear as non-functioning links displayed in light grey text as in the illustration below where the activity is "unauthorized" and therefore unavailable for the "run campaign" action.