Templates are used as a quick way to personalize pre-designed collateral materials. Templates can be reused by many users who are free to include contact details specific to their needs. Template files typically do not allow for editing of content outside the fillable fields - this ensures that your company branding and compliant marketing remain intact.

How does a template differ from Print Ready File?

Generally a template is used as a starting point for easily creating individuals print-ready files. Template files typically have a fillable area for personalization by individuals that needs to be completed before being submitted for print.

Print-ready files are by definition a complete artwork file that contains all information needed for print. Print-ready files will display an order button against the activity and will be printed exactly as displayed.

Note that the radio button options contained on "Create your own" page will place your uploaded template files in the templates section and other types of files into the print ready sections.

How Do I Use A Template?

Each user starts with a template which he/she uses to create a version of collateral for addition to their personal catalogue for use in ordering at any time.

To create personal collateral based on a template:

First, click [personalize] against the activity in any of the tabs of "personalize a template" in the sales collateral section of MACH3. This will bring you to the "Create collateral from a template" page where you will personalize your marketing piece.

  1. Click [Open template for personalization] - This will present, in a separate window, a template in PDF format which includes artwork and print specifics for this particular piece. Insert your preferred text into the form fill fields provided.
  2. Save the file to your computer by selecting File/Save as in the menu of your browser.
  3. Click the Browse button next to the field - this will open up a dialogue box which allows you to locate the file on your computer for upload into your library for you to order against at any time.
  4. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your print ready file to your catalogue.

Creating Your Own Templates

As a manager or marketing director, you may want to create your own templates for use by others in your company. Create a form fill PDF file and upload the file to your company catalogue. It is best to convert all static text to outlines to preserve your design. Insert form text fields for personalization by individuals as needed. You can create fillable PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Professional or MS Word then save as a PDF file before uploading to MACH3. If you don't have the expertise or software to create template files, we can help you convert your artwork. Visit our print services page to find out more.

Once you have created your template file, you'll be ready to add your template to your catalogue:

Click on the create your collateral tab.

Step 1) (1) Select your format.

Step 2)You will then be presented with format specific options based on your selection including: (2) Name, (3) Code, (4) Description - Providing a name is mandatory, a code and description will allow for ease in identification and reordering.

(5) Size/Layout - Select the size for your finished print piece.

(6) Orientation - Portrait (Vertical) or Landscape (Horizontal)

(7) Color - Choose full color or black only (Grayscale) for each side or none if there is no printing on the second side.

(8) Paper - Choose from the available paper options for your format. For more information about paper weights and finishes click here.

(9) Finishing options - Fold, trim and packaging options vary per piece.

Choose the selections that best fit your requirements for your print project by using the radio buttons and checkboxes next to each option. If any of these terms are unfamiliar you can reference our Printing Terminology Page for more information.

Note: If you are creating collateral from a template many of these options have been predetermined, therefore some options may be greyed out.

Step 3)Select the radio button labeled (10) I want to upload a fillable PDF template for subsequent personalization, then click (11) Choose File - this will open up a dialogue box which allows you to locate the file on your computer for upload into your library for you to order at any time.

You can also add a thumbnail visual to appear next to the activity for easy reference. Simply upload a JPEG representation of the file (we recommend an image around 200 pixels in width)

After you have selected the files for your activity, click (12) Save and your template is immediately saved to your template page. The intelligence built into MACH3 will add the template to the appropriate tab in your "templates" catalogue.( i.e. when logged in as a manager your activity will be added to your company tab)

Where Can I find Additional Information?

TTP Enterprises has developed layout samples to make it easier for designers to create print-ready files and templates. Layout samples are downloadable files which help customers design print-ready files. Each layout provides information on product size, layout, bleed, safety zone, and any folding or mailing guidelines.

You can review a complete list of available layout samples on our layouts page.

You may also want to review our file preparation tips.