2.1 Search Set-up

Selecting desired (1) Contact Types (Prospects, Applicants and Borrowers) will restrict the results to only contacts of those types.

(2) Contact Options are used to include or exclude contacts based on DNE, DNM,and DNC. By default, these are unchecked.

The user can also stipulate that a mailing address, an email address and/or a (home/cell) phone number must exist in order for the contact to be returned by the query.

The query results can also be restricted to those contacts with a particular language preference. By default, language is ignored in the query ("All" selected).

The (3) Contact Search fields are designed to provide maximum flexibility for querying the database in a simple and easily understood manner. This arrangement of field, condition, value, parentheses and connector operator are fairly standard within most contact management systems and will be familiar to anyone who has used a contact management system before.


For the most part, the list of searchable fields can be extended but the initial list is meant for the management of contacts and not loans. This is a very important distinction to bear in mind throughout the application.

When specifying a value for each criterion, the system will try to provide matching field data values based on the selected database(s), contact type(s), field and condition. Using the cursor keys to navigate up and down the list and clicking Enter to select an item can serve to reduce typing and typographic errors, as well as being a convenience to the user. Please note, the time it takes to generate and present the list can vary based on the amount of data in the current scope and the provided value. Don't be surprised if you start typing and don't immediately see the list.

Note: Below is the use of parentheses and connector operators. Each criterion or collections of criteria can be grouped together using parentheses in order for the criteria to be correctly interpreted. Connecting multiple criteria with "AND" and "OR" without using parentheses can provide unpredictable and probably unexpected results.

When the "[ search ]" button is clicked, the system will try to interpret the selected criteria and, if successful, will display the query as it has been interpreted and run the query to deliver the matching results.

Clicking "[ clear all ]" will clear all criteria, while "[ clear ]" will reset only the respective line.


2.2 Search Results

A successful query should present the user with the matching results.

Note: the lacking of loan-related details. This is, again, because the system is dealing with people and not products.

Note: When a Search query is run, the primary and secondary (if available) contacts are split and separate records are created, with each contact as primary. This will inflate the apparent number of results. The total will always be the number of matching primary contacts plus the number of matching secondary contacts. For the purposes of managing a person it is better to flatten the results, yet still allude to the transaction. Once the user clicks on a contact and view the details, the context of this contact is displayed (e.g. they might be a secondary prospect).

Email address is not displayed and "{DNE}" is displayed in its place. This denotes to the user that there is an email address but the system is not permitted to display or use it.

Despite there being these new tools to improve the user's experience of the system, they come with some limitations. For example, multiple table rows per record cannot be used: instead everything must be displayed on a single line. Also like fields cannot be aggregated (e.g. home phone, work phone, cellphone) without losing the ability to sort using the column headers.

Clicking a column header once will sort that field in ascending order, clicking it a second time will sort in descending order. Clicking a different column header will clear any previous sort.

The paging of results works per the MACH3 standard; however, post-backs should be light as only the results table is updated while

The system aggressively enforces Do-Not-Mail, Email and Call. Details attached to a loan that is flagged will be obscured.

The system aggressively enforces Do-Not-Mail, Email and Call. Details attached to a loan that is flagged will be obscured. Email address on file Do-Not-Email flag set Outcome No No No email address displayed Yes No Email address is displayed as a mailto: link displayed as "[ email ]" No Yes No email address displayed Yes Yes Email address is not displayed and

"{DNE}" is displayed in its place. This denotes to the user that there is an

To the left of the search results the user will notice a checkbox, with another 'master' checkbox in the column heading. This allows the user to select (or select all) visible results. The selected results will be maintained through paging. It's important to note that the heading will always display the total number of results. Clicking "[ update ]" will ensure the system holds a correct record of the selection.