Password Management

No staff user will ever hold or have exposure to clear passwords. All passwords are one-way encrypted. Should a user forget their password, the system will reset their password with a randomly generated one, send this new password in an email to the user's email address and the user account is flagged to force a password change at next login. The next time the user logs in with the credentials sent via email, the system forces the user to change their password before any other functionality becomes available to them. All transactions are conducted over encrypted HTTP connections.

Users will have their user accounts locked if more than five invalid login attempts occur within any 15 minute period.

If you have forgotten your user name or password

Clicking the Reset my password button will reset your password and you will receive an email shortly afterwards containing your user name and a temporary password. The first time you login with those credentials you will be asked to supply a new password of your choice. To guarantee your privacy and the security of your data, no staff have access to your password, nor will anyone ask you for your user details

To change your password

Login to MACH3 with your current user name and  password
Access "My security" tab and select "password"
Follow the on-screen instructions

Audit Trail

All actions, edits, views and instructions are logged in the audit and activity log. It reports on field changes, file upload attempts and page visits. Each time stamped session begins a fresh log file which can later be reviewed by the individual or a superior within the client organization. The audit and activity log is also used to derive a ranked list of system functions labelled "recently viewed" in the right margin of most pages. The system orders the functions by total hits and this becomes the ranked list. The user can use this feature to gain rapid, single-click access to commonly used functions and information.

To review your audit trail

  • Access "My security" tab and select "audit trail"
  • Select a session from the drop down list.
  • A list of functions performed during that session will appear in the panel below.